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Crafting a Scene

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After making dolls for a short period, because I'm an illustrator, I began developing comics using the dolls I made early on. It's been 3 years and my comic, Life of The Dolls, was born in 2015. There are a mix of topics I touch upon but in a nutshell, it's a comic based on reality TV.

Scenes have to change frequently and with that, I began scrounging antique and second-hand shops for props and building objects to integrate in the scenes. Lighting is essential and so is picture quality. The Dolls have a continuing storyline to engage readers and stars a relatable cast. Of course, I use some of the same props in my new comic that will be introduced December 31st. I'm anxious to share it with you. I must also say, there will be  limited issues appearing on the blog. I will invite you to subscribe to my site here for Life of The Dolls. Here's a snippet...

The blue chair in the background is made from paper. The carpet you see is a sample piece from an interior design warehouse, as well as the paneling. Goodwill is a neat place for scrounging items too, which explains the chalkboard in the background.

Chloe, who stars in this issue by the way, is a goth girl trying to come out of her shell. Clothing is not removable on my earlier dolls. I'm excited about the new comic because it is geared toward a much younger audience.

Stay tuned...




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