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The Beginning                                                                                                                        

I created all kinds of art as a child; paper dolls, sock dolls, aluminum foil dolls, and even took a shot at sewing clothing. Outside of being an avid reader, creativity was somehow in me. In high school, I was commissioned to draw sketches for a local fashion designer, a product developer and a few portraits. 


The Middle                                                                                                                              

Through the advisement of a Pratt Institute graduate, I studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Atlanta. I went on to study for my Masters to teach, make more art while raising a family. I did a lot of commission work; creating art replicas and portraits. I was a very busy woman, folks. This, I did after a number of other things I can't count. However, to name a few, I traveled and lived in West Germany, Paris, the Czech Republic and later taught in Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. I'm back in the comfort of my home now, a little suburbian nook outside of Atlanta, Georgia. That's where I'm from, by the way.

I traveled within the U.S. promoting my work after finding my creative voice and style. Mixed media still life and figurative work were my primary subjects.



With my last child out and blossoming into the world, the house was very quiet. No more chauffeuring she and her friends or me eyeballing her attire with a questioning look or hearing my son stumbling around the house yelling, "Ma!" for no reason. Did I say it was quiet?

I bought myself a puppy, named her, got her shots and bought her everything a puppy could want. I even made her a pillow. She was with me for 3 whole days. Long story short, I was drowning in guilt that she was caged while I was at work. During this time, in 2014, I was at the beginning stages of trying to make dolls. I'd been studying this process over the internet for some time. It didn't go well and I stopped for a short while. I think, 6 months...Actually, it was nearly a year.

Making dolls never left my mind and I resumed. I even began animating them and creating comics. They were the life of the party and I was the orchestrator. After seriously dedicating myself to the craft, I received commissions, while still delving in portraiture. I've always believed it was this area that gave me that nudge to make art in the first place but more than that, it was how people responded. I began a different portrait style in 2017, which mimics my layered cut-out 3D fine art works. They are comical pieces, brightly colored with gouache (acrylics for portraits on wood).  

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your experience here.