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Q. What type of fabric do you use to make your dolls?
A. For the bodies, most of my dolls are made from twill or canvas fabrics. They are firm and flexible enough for different uses. It varies for clothing and I do state all materials that went into completing a piece.

Q. What type of thread do you use for dollmaking?
A. I use strong thread, polyester covered cotton because of its durability. For the Stoney Brook Collection, I use embroidery thread for their faces, which is reinforced. When hand stitching, such as the hair and closing seams after stuffing, I use upholstery or quilting thread because it's not easy to pull and break. For the dolls that can be integrated with playtime, having this durability is important for the doll making process.

Q. Where do you get inspiration for creating your dolls?
A. I'm fascinated by 1970s fashion and the social movements that occurred during that time and the 1960s. At least, that's the inspiration behind The Diamond Collection. I wanted to show strength and courage in the African American woman, although mostly behind the scenes, who was so instrumental in social change. It's a tribute to them essentially.
Though, I started the Stoney Brook Collection first. They are designed with a little more flexibility because a child can use them for gentle play. Now, these dolls were are used to illustrate stories for young people. Stories related to art, travel and languages. Imaginative play is so important, so you might say I still play with dolls when I place them in particular settings to teach children about Picasso, Jacob Lawrence, and so on. I get to integrate writing, another passion of mine.

Q. Do you make custom dolls?
A. Yes, I do. I make custom dolls based on your concept and desired outcome. I've done quite a few sorority dolls fashioned according to client requests.
Q. How long does it take to make your dolls?
It varies, depending on the kind of detail involved. Generally, I work on multiple dolls at once but a commissioned piece could take about a week. That time could be a little more extended during holiday season. Portraits take the same length of time and clients are updated periodically with images to show progression of their work.